COV19 Support & Status

  • 19th March 2020
I'm sure you're tired of the words "Coronavirus" and "COVID-19" at this stage so I'll keep this short: Help & Support with COV19 If you need help communicating with your customers, taking payments or working remotely, please let us know. We can set up simple solutions like site notices about closures or payments quickly and easily, or we can ...
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  • 21st February 2020
Eircom recently announced that they will begin charging €6 per month per email address on the 31st of March this year. We reviewed our customer accounts and found many primary contacts that still use email addresses, so we thought we should explain that alternatives are available.   If you have a hosting account with us, email is ...
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IE Fastpass

  • 18th April 2018
As previously mentioned, IE domain registrations no longer require a “claim to the name”, however current IE domain holders should also know that a Fastpass process has been put in place to enable you to register new domains without any further documentation. All we need is the previous domain name, even if it’s with another registrar, and ...
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IE domain easier to register from March 21, protect your brand!

  • 8th March 2018
The rules for registering IE domain names are changing. From March 21, the need to explain why you want a particular name (the “claim to the name”) when registering an IE domain will be removed. This will make it faster and easier to get an IE domain. Anyone with a real connection to Ireland will be able to register any available IE domain ...
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